Struct Mat Bot

I made a twitter bot that jumbles up phrases to make up structural materialist films. Some of the results are quite convincing, some not so and some sound like brilliant ideas. I’ve been interested in AI (if you can call it that) for a long time but now the tools are really accessible. The idea came when I considered you could take a “material” and append it to a “structure” and generate a passable descriptions.

You can tweet it @structmatters and it will generate a film for you and you can view the source code at cheapbotsdonequick.

Cyanotypes Now On Etsy

I’ve started listing some of my cyanotype prints on etsy including the start of a series on exoplanets, using found and generated textures to design potential worlds. Please come take a look.

Cyanotype Experiments

I’m experimenting with the cyanotype process, making some prints of stills from video works and toning them with bleach, coffee, tannic acid and tea. Some more pictures below the fold.
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Annexinema Screenings

Retroactive news: the lovely folks at Annexinema asked me for some work for their screenings at G39 in Cardiff which toured to Sheffield, Lincoln and Nottingham over the past few months.

So I sent them Nema. Here’s my text from the program:

“Nema(2014) is one a series of studies or sketches of pattern and noise as motion. The forms come from swirls of flattened grass found on an area of wasteland. Composed to be loosely isotropic – looking the same in all directions, including time – as if through cloed eyes or a microwave telescope.”

And here’s some more info about Annexinema’s Island Variations screenings:

Our programme for this weekend’s screening was originally devised for g39 gallery in Cardiff. We put out a call for submissions for moving image works loosely themed on alternative communities, isolation and islands; the response was so good that we’ve since created further events in Sheffield, Lincoln, and now Nottingham, in order to show the work. The current incarnation of the programme includes films by many Nottingham alumnae as well as artists from further afield (UK, USA, Netherlands), including Wayne Burrows with Paul Isherwood, Collective Production, Alnoor Dewshi, Tom Duggan, Michael Fleming, Lindsay Foster, Yelena Popova, Simon Raven, Marcy Saude, and Neil Thomson.



In The Bush


Short video piece made from images of a rusty bin, possibly incompatible with the lossy youtube codec.