Thoresby Thursday

Rehearsal Excerpt from Pete McPartlan on Vimeo.

I’m performing tonight at the opening of an exhibition in collaboration with Dexter Prior at One Thoresby Street in Nottingham. We’ve built a decidedly dangerous instrument out of bandsaw blades and copious quantities of clamps. Hopefully it will stay up and nobody’s fingers will get cut off.

Private View
Thursday 21st June 6pm – 9pm
<<Performance @ 7:30pm>>

Exhibition Continues Until 30th June

Galleries Open: Thursday – Saturday 12-6pm

“For this weeks show Dexter Prior and Pete McPartlan present work made in collaboration, merging visuals and sound through installation and live performance.

Thoresby Street Thursdays are a series of diverse, experimental, energetic, confrontational short exhibitions to profile the exciting work being produced by all of our current Stand Assembly studio members running from the beginning of March to the end of August. Each exhibition will feature two or three studio based and alumni artists selected for similitudes or conflicts in their practices.”