Cyanotype Experiments

I’m experimenting with the cyanotype process, making some prints of stills from video works and toning them with bleach, coffee, tannic acid and tea. Some more pictures below the fold.

Drying some Kakeya Needle Set postcards.

Double exposure – first one bleached and toned in tannic acid, then part coated and reexposed.

Bleached quickly with a paintbrush and toned in coffee.

Bleached and toned in tannic acid. The image is of Pill Hill Brook, in Thruxton where I grew up.

Untoned cyanotypes, stills from a video called Standard Candles.

I’m still “refining the process” / (having fun messing about with chemicals) but plan is to make a few to sell online, I’ll post again when they are available (I’ll send out one of my Irregular Updates out via email, if you want to sign up).