I am an artist working across disciplines.

There are recurrent themes and interests that pop up across each discipline.

Emergence and procedure – Complexity from of simple actions.
Noise – Randomness and pseudo-randomness.
A-narrative – Trying to avoid telling stories.
Demystification – Trying to avoid trickery, showing my working.
Experimental – Failure is OK.
Computer Graphics – The methods used to synthesise nature and their analogue counterparts.
Sound as sound, image as image – acknowledgement of the difference and thinking about their relationships.
Improvisation – As a form of procedure.
Systems & unsystems – the space between the rigid systematic and the intuitive.

Born in Newcastle, I grew up in a small village in Hampshire. I studied art in Hull where I practised for a bit. I recently left Nottingham where I was a part of Stand Assembly collective at One Thoresby Street. Currently back in Hampshire, figuring out where to go next.

I’ve shown work internationally and in artist run spaces around the UK.