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Voronoi Monologue Series ()

Voronoi diagrams are a way of dividing space into a number of regions, the space is scattered with seeds (or points) and for each seed there will be a corresponding region consisting of all points closer to that seed than to any other. Voronoi like patterns are common on many scales in nature from giraffe colouring to cracks in drying mud. I am fascinated by it as a way in which space often organises itself. So I’ve been doing a series of studies on the pattern, breaking and extruding boundaries of cells in an intuitive manner. So I have decided to formalise this process and make an “infinite series” of these drawings.

I decided an infinite series is the way forward because each drawing is a derivation of a process, the work is coding the function and each new drawing a call of that function, f(x). It’s inevitable that the function will change due to the intuitive element of the compositions but it is necessary to do them in order, as the process is to some extent recursive – doing each drawing will affect how I perceive and implement the function in subsequent drawings.

Voronoi Monologue series now available in my new shop. Please help me to make more by purchasing one, each one is only £25 including shipping.

Geometric Images ()

I just received a couple of pictures of Geometric Images installed at Lombard Method for Network Music Festival. I’ve just realised I made this work for exactly the reason that I’m now finding it irritating – it pretty much breaks the taxonomy of my website. On the surface it is neither video or drawing but to me it really could be either.

Thanks to Samuel Rodgers for the images and putting the show together.

(Open this post to hear the audio attached below.)

Spoil Ground (2011)

Spoil Ground I

Spoil Ground II

Spoil Ground III

Pen and Ink on A2 watercolour paper.

Made for friend and artist Jo Millett these drawings are the latest in an enquiry into natural processes. Using my memory of forms in the mud that appear on the banks of the river Hull where I studied and lived for eight years. For me it’s an investigation into the continuum between discrete marks and continuous form. I see each image as an individual frame looking at a continuously shifting pattern-scape, using a process designed to loosely echo the processes that create the real forms, each one a short opening of an iris onto that natural process.

In part it’s also a (perhaps overly nostalgic) look at one of the elements that to me sums up a peculiar cynical kind of optimism that I see as a character trait of the city. Hull is a big city that is frequently derided and neglected and yet contains some of the most fascinating, talented (and occasionally downright odd) artists, musicians and mutants I have ever met – people working in obscurity with integrity. It’s also a place whose most beautiful sights are the derelict factories in Wincolmlee and the grey fog that separates it from Grimsby across the Humber. So this work was partly a small thank you for Jo (and her husband Rob Gawthrop)’s commitment to the city in the face of the cunts, bureaucrats and idiots who couldn’t take the time to look at the mud and see anything other than shit and shopping trolleys.

Structuralist Engineering (2011)

Structuralist Engineering

Structuralist Engineering

structuralist engineering

structuralist engineering

structuralist engineering

Shards of hand drawn film assembled into tiny structures, pinned down and labelled with their approximate duration. Made for the Temporary Art Show part 3 curated by Alice Bradshaw and Bob Milner.

See 3D film and Structuralist Engineering posts in my work blog for pictures of the work in development.

Static (2010)

A series of images of Television static, made as documentation for the Telecine project as part of The Heuristics Laboratory sideshow commission.







Isostasy (2009)

Ink drawing, DVD video loop and stereo audio CD loop. 1.5mx1.125m. 2009

Made using a semi procedural drawing system loosely based on cracking patterns on granite in the mountainsides around  the Gandsfjord in Norway. The video is taken from thousands of stills of the drawing. Installed the video is projected onto the drawing, which has the aspect ratio of a 4:3 video image.

Isostasy - drawing

Once I realised that the cracks in rocks are a process and not a feature they become very simple. You move the ink down the page carving the gaps much as the melting snow has in into the rock.


Drawing always seems to be a feedback loop of defining things then un-defining them, deciding what is real and what isn’t. I wanted this to affect the viewer, to make an unstable reality that undoes the definite marks of the ink.

The audio is derived from noise filtered at multiples of the framerate.

Created during a residency in Sandnes and first shown in the neighbouring gallery/cinema KINOKINO.

drawIslands() (2008)


Is a function that creates islands. A procedural performance that makes drawings of imaginary coastlines.


The performance uses receipt paper as reels of film that are hand wound through a ‘projector’ made from a tiny camera and two tea caddies with pencils as handles.


During the performance the islands are drawn before being fed underneath the camera.

The reels of receipt ‘film’.

Originally performed and produced in Turku, on the West coast of Finland during a the Sumu residency at Titanik gallery.

Subjective network…. (2006)

…of formally similar non-representational ideographs and A preconceived binary tree of indeterminate node to parent similarity.

Two drawings installed in Wolstenholme Projects Liverpool, for a show curated by Hull Art Lab.