Music Archive

To see what I’m doing now, have a look at silt but below are some of the things I’ve done in the past:

I’ve been involved in many music projects formerly part of Hull’s improvised music scene. Some projects are outlined below:


A kind of jam band with Keith Bianchi and Jody Betts formed at uni we generally didn’t rehearse or whatever – Keith still maintains some of the stuff and one of our albums is on Keith made beats, Jody guitar and I made weird granular squelchy noises.

The Crypto Audiological Society

The Crypto-Audiological Society is a group of musicians and sound artists exploring the outer reaches of para-musicianship, it has now pretty much come to an end after we all moved to different cities. The wire included a live excerpt to accompany their Global Ear: Hull article. This is pretty much Christopher Gladwin‘s project a very good musician and sound artist now based in Manchester.

See the CAS website.

Keith and Pete

Various bits of circuit bending, tv mangling and messing around in Hull at venues such as the Boathouse and the Adelphi whilst I was at University and for a few years after. Not much audio survives but there are some pictures and bits of video below.


A journey into Uranus… first foray into circuit bending for a night at the boathouse (Kingston Rowing Club) we wired up triggers to our feet made of doorbells and made peculiar back packs out of kids toys.

The Fear residency at Hull Timebased Arts

Fear Trisha.mp3

The product of a week long residency at Hull Timebased Arts was a one our live mash up of dreary friday night TV, the blurb from the flier reads:

The Fear
Pete McPartlan and Keith Bianchi
Fri 21 Jun 2003

During the weeks residency Pete Mcpartlan and Keith Bianchi (UK) have been watching telly…

The Majority of the rest of the time they were building patches in MAX and Pure_data, to pervert the sounds of daytime television into a rhythmic pile of broken syllables that reflect the sick core of post-modern-coronation-street-culture.
The performance will be as much an investigation into language of TV audio when stripped of it’s visual signifiers as on improvised sonic experiment within itself.

Doom Performances

For Hull International Short Film Festival in 2004 we produced work that used the Doom engine as an audio visual playground. We played against one another on custom maps and projected the two screens over the top of each other. The video above is just Keith’s screen.

URL Scruggs

URL Scruggs is one of my solo music guises. URL uses toys, tapes, one stringed guitars and badly patched up max patches to make awkward sketches of some idea of funk, hip-hop and folk music. Alpha Release includes a cover of Snoop’s ‘Drop it Like It’s Hot’ featuring Squirelle, who cant really remember the words. The last track Birds features on Sponic Mesh 2 on TegLeg records but generally the whole thing is released via a friend (Romanhead’s) record label cleaner records.

URL Scruggs is also the editor of the pitchforke and has a myspace page here.

Other Projects

Other activities include small one-off gigs under different names notably the improvised incompetence of The Ukelele Ensemble, MC Phil Mintron and the Repeated Improvisation Pentet.