Continuing explorations of pattern and noise, a short video composed of stills of mulch and fallen leaves at the bottom of my parents’ garden. The audio is Breccia from the Silt Sedimentary 7″.

Occasional Table

Voronoi Monologue Series

Voronoi diagrams are a way of dividing space into a number of regions, the space is scattered with seeds (or points) and for each seed there will be a corresponding region consisting of all points closer to that seed than to any other. Voronoi like patterns are common on many scales in nature from giraffe colouring to cracks in drying mud. I am fascinated by it as a way in which space often organises itself. So I’ve been doing a series of studies on the pattern, breaking and extruding boundaries of cells in an intuitive manner. So I have decided to formalise this process and make an “infinite series” of these drawings.

I decided an infinite series is the way forward because each drawing is a derivation of a process, the work is coding the function and each new drawing a call of that function, f(x). It’s inevitable that the function will change due to the intuitive element of the compositions but it is necessary to do them in order, as the process is to some extent recursive – doing each drawing will affect how I perceive and implement the function in subsequent drawings.

Voronoi Monologue series now available in my new shop. Please help me to make more by purchasing one, each one is only £25 including shipping.


Sketch for Voronoi Monologue series of drawings, now available from my shop.


Simon Raven has kindly let me sneak onto the bill to do a quick performance for his performance art event MAYDAY at chameleon on the 6th May.

Also performing will be:
Bruce Asbestos
Yvonne Lake
Jenna Finch
Simon Raven

Silt Live – 11th April

Silt, which started out as a solo sound project has been undergoing a bit of remodeling recently in that it’s no longer a solo project – I’ve asked Dexter Prior to join and help develop it into a larger project using more physical stuff and less staring at laptops. To this end we’ve been in the studio (well – my kitchen), knee deep in solder, insulating tape and ground hum. It’s been an interesting process because up until now everything’s been in my head and in order to communicate what I’ve been doing up until now to Dexter I’ve had to define (in however a nebulous way) what silt is and figure out which constraints are workarounds for my lack of knowledge or ability and which ones are important to either the identity of the project or the substance of the work.

Next week we’ve got our first gig with this new setup at a gig organised by One Finch at Chameleon in Nottingham. We’ll be supporting TG Gondard and Gael Moissonnier and I’m really looking forward to it.

Chameleon, next to Bell Inn
Thursday 11th April

I’d better go tidy the kitchen.

Geometric Images

I just received a couple of pictures of Geometric Images installed at Lombard Method for Network Music Festival. I’ve just realised I made this work for exactly the reason that I’m now finding it irritating – it pretty much breaks the taxonomy of my website. On the surface it is neither video or drawing but to me it really could be either.

Thanks to Samuel Rodgers for the images and putting the show together.

(Open this post to hear the audio attached below.)


I’ve been asked by artist and musician Andrew Spinks to provide visuals for the gig he is promoting this Friday (15/3) at the Chameleon. Above are a couple of screen caps for Andrew’s band Sotabos and below are some frames from what I’m working on for Tray Electric. Normally I’m a bit hesitant about making “visuals” but this process has been really enjoyable. I decided I wanted to work with handmade images and so it has been about finding shortcuts for making animation without the tiresome repetition -  I think that process of optimisation actually leads to interesting and unexpected results.

I’m really looking forward to the evening – The Wyrding Module is headlining and I haven’t seen him live since he released his LP on upitup, TrayElectric is experimenting with some new things and it’s Sotabos’ debut – who knows what to expect?