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Silt Live – 11th April

Silt, which started out as a solo sound project has been undergoing a bit of remodeling recently in that it’s no longer a solo project – I’ve asked Dexter Prior to join and help develop it into a larger project using more physical stuff and less staring at laptops. To this end we’ve been in [...]


Above, documentation of the performance at One Thoresby Street on 21 June made in collaboration with Dexter Prior. Below are some pictures of the installation downstairs in the gallery space. The screens showed two five minute loops of video culled from documentation of the rehearsals. Audio comes from an instrument made from a table, around [...]

Thoresby Thursday

Rehearsal Excerpt from Pete McPartlan on Vimeo. I’m performing tonight at the opening of an exhibition in collaboration with Dexter Prior at One Thoresby Street in Nottingham. We’ve built a decidedly dangerous instrument out of bandsaw blades and copious quantities of clamps. Hopefully it will stay up and nobody’s fingers will get cut off. Private [...]