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Sketch for Voronoi Monologue series of drawings, now available from my shop.


Some new drawings¬† I’ve been making over the past couple of days – part of a series of excavations, so called because I’ve been thinking about drawing as a process of mining. (I should clarify, I don’t mean it’s like I’ve been working at the coalface, more like I’ve been playing Dwarf Fortress…) I’ve had [...]

Static in Aberdeen

I have a show next week at Limousine Bull Artist’s Collective in Aberdeen. I’ll be showing new work, mostly drawings that I’ve made over the past year or two that relate to film and video I’ll also be launching the next in the series of Anti-Narrative Comics. More details below: Static – Pete McPartlan An [...]


I’m doing a series of drawings for my friend Jo Millett and I’m almost finished – these are some of the sketches I did before I started. I was trying to find a system for drawing the intricate patterns found in drying mud on the banks of the river Hull (from memory). None of them [...]


I’m thinking a lot about animation at the moment – partly because of all the bits of film I’ve been working with recently and I’ve come to a kind of a conclusion about what it is that interests me about the medium. I’m interested in change rather than motion. Traditionally animation is about defining small [...]

Experimental Glottonics

Serial, systematic glyphs composed in an a-serial, improvised way using carbon paper to hide the layer beneath whilst drawing. Simply counting specific numbers of movements (straight-lines) per glyph and trying to avoid repetition of similar forms allows the shapes almost form themselves, hiding the layer beneath allows for collisions, building a dense cacophony of structures [...]

Structuralist Engineering

More on flickr.

3D Film

Oops, a decimal place out… Some new bits and pieces I’ve been playing with in the studio, all made from hand drawn film cut into little splinters.