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Cyanotypes Now On Etsy

I’ve started listing some of my cyanotype prints on etsy┬áincluding the start of a series on exoplanets, using found and generated textures to design potential worlds. Please come take a look.


Short video piece made from images of a rusty bin, possibly incompatible with the lossy youtube codec.


Continuing explorations of pattern and noise, a short video composed of stills of mulch and fallen leaves at the bottom of my parents’ garden. The audio is Breccia from the Silt Sedimentary 7″.

Occasional Table

Mars Frames

The video above is a short test, using screen captures from Google Mars. I really like the intricacies of the jpegy compression and the bizarrely coloured artefacts that appear in the noise. Not sure where to go from here, I think I need to apply some kind of logic rather than just an intuitive scanning [...]

Rainy Day Activities

I got hold of a large roll of paper 1.5 meters wide and I’ve decided to make a drawing that fills a 4:3 rectangle with the rocky images from the previous post. The goal is to project a video made form the drawing either back onto it or onto another screen the same size. I’m [...]