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The video above is just some images from my travels during the residency cut to the sound of me playing the beaten-up 5 stringed guitar that was in the residency accommodation. I have a group show opening on the 9th of December at KINOKINO showing work from the Sandnes AiR scheme. I am showing my [...]

Isostasy Images

The main piece of work I’ve been making here in Sandnes is an installation called Isostasy. It consists of a drawing and an 8 minute video loop. Here are some images of the drawing, which will become the screen for the projected video. The video consists of thousands of individually captured images of the drawing [...]

Rainy Day Activities

I got hold of a large roll of paper 1.5 meters wide and I’ve decided to make a drawing that fills a 4:3 rectangle with the rocky images from the previous post. The goal is to project a video made form the drawing either back onto it or onto another screen the same size. I’m [...]

Dalsnuten Rocks

Some test footage of horizontal channels in rocks at the top of Dalsnuten. (If you’re reading this on facebook, you need to ‘view original post’ to see the video (apologies for the bad quality… )). And some ‘story-boards’ drawn afterwards. I went for a walk yesterday up to the summit of Dalsnuten, a mountain that [...]

Sandnes Residency

Above – still from 3 Noodle Minutes a short film which came about due to having to eat cheap food as, by an irritating set of coincidences, I’ve arrived in the third richest country in the world with only about 50 of my worthless pounds… I thought I’d left Mr Noodle in Nottingham. Video soon [...]

Pebbles and Strands

Pebbles Strands