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Short video piece made from images of a rusty bin, possibly incompatible with the lossy youtube codec.


Continuing explorations of pattern and noise, a short video composed of stills of mulch and fallen leaves at the bottom of my parents’ garden. The audio is Breccia from the Silt Sedimentary 7″.

Occasional Table


I’ve been asked by artist and musician Andrew Spinks to provide visuals for the gig he is promoting this Friday (15/3) at the Chameleon. Above are a couple of screen caps for Andrew’s band Sotabos and below are some frames from what I’m working on for Tray Electric. Normally I’m a bit hesitant about making [...]


I’m really pleased to say I’ve finished a new piece of work, it uses music by Kogumaza. It’s entirely worked around their music and it’s a video so I guess it’s a music video. It really is best watched in the dark on a projector with the volume high. I made it using the same [...]

The Heuristics Laboratory – Coming Soon

My show in the Malt Cross for Sideshow starts next week – it’s been turbulent to say the least but I think I’m nearly there with the preparations for my show, Telecine. It’s going to be an experiment in progressively converting film to video over the duration of a week. above, portion of a sinewave, [...]

Visible Ink

A couple of pieces of test footage, manipulating ink and water extremely close to the lens of a tiny video camera. This footage is sped up to about 600%. This might develop into either a short film or a performance, I’m not sure yet.

Mars Frames

The video above is a short test, using screen captures from Google Mars. I really like the intricacies of the jpegy compression and the bizarrely coloured artefacts that appear in the noise. Not sure where to go from here, I think I need to apply some kind of logic rather than just an intuitive scanning [...]